Testicular Cancer

At the UofL Brown Cancer Center, a multi-disciplinary team of experts targets testicular cancer, providing customized, cutting-edge care to match your unique disease and circumstances. Our highly focused physicians, as well as a specially trained support staff, personalize your care to ensure the most advanced treatments with the least impact on your body.

Treatment for testicular cancer at UofL Brown Cancer Center focuses on the most modern techniques in surgery, chemotherapy and other therapies. Our renowned team of experts considers all the options, and then chooses the best course of action specifically for you. Your personalized testicular cancer treatment may include:

  • Surgery by a dedicated team of urologists, vascular surgeons and anesthesiologists with expertise in this complex cancer
  • Special nerve-sparing surgical procedures to retain as much function as possible
  • The most modern restoration and prosthetic techniques
  • Dose-dense chemotherapy, which allows a higher level of drugs to be given and may help prevent stem cell transplant in some patients
  • Stem cell transplants at one of the premier programs in the country

Because we are one of the region’s largest cancer centers, we see a greater number of patients with testicular cancer than most oncologists. This is particularly important in surgery for testicular cancer, which is delicate, challenging and requires a great deal of expertise.

Our skilled surgeons are among the most experienced in the country. This translates to optimal chances for your successful recovery.

And because we are a cancer research center, we are able to offer clinical trials of new treatments for some types of testicular cancer.

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