Spinal Tumors

The UofL Brown Cancer Center offers a comprehensive, specialized program for the treatment of benign and malignant spinal tumors. When you are treated here, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of some of the region’s most renowned experts.

Our physicians approach spinal tumor care in specialized teams, bringing together incredible skill to give you the highest level of customized care. This personalized care and our partnership with you focus on the most advanced treatments with the least impact on your body.

Your spinal tumor treatment team may include neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-oncologists, neuropathologists and nurse practitioners. They collaborate and communicate every step of the way. They are joined by a support staff trained in helping patients with spinal tumors.

Treatment for spinal tumors often includes surgery, and surgical skill is key to successful outcomes. Our surgeons have a high level of experience and expertise that can make a real difference in your treatment and recovery.

And our physicians have at their fingertips the latest technology and techniques to treat spinal tumors.

We are constantly researching newer, more effective and safer surgical and medical approaches for spinal tumors. Clinical trials of new treatments are available for spinal tumors.

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