Some doctors read about the latest cancer treatments. Our doctors discover them.

What’s the Power of U? It’s the combination of UofL Hospital, UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center and UofL Physicians. Together we provide state-of-the-art care and discover the most advanced treatments. 

Every day we rewrite the book on cancer treatments. We are medical pioneers who throw conventional mindsets out the window and open the door to make the impossible, possible. As top academic researchers, physicians and specialized nurses, we are at the forefront of testing new drugs that activate the immune system to fight cancer, and win. Our breakthrough immunotherapies are designed to be less toxic for the patient, and save more lives.  

It’s our passion to discover treatments that defeat even the most complex cancers. So it’s no wonder other cancer centers are taking note of what we do. Because we don’t just manage cancer, we create ways to defeat it.


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