Pediatric Urology testing services

UofL Physicians-Urology offers a wide range of services in the diagnosis and treatment of  bladder control problems such as bedwetting and daytime urinary incontinence, undescended testes (cryptorchidism), hypospadias, urolithiasis (bladder and kidney stones), Chordee and other malformations of the penis, urinary obstruction and vesicoureteral reflux, neurogenic bladder (e.g., associated with spina bifida), Genitourinary malformations and birth defects (Prune belly syndrome, Cloacal exstrophy, bladder exstrophy, and epispadias, ambiguous genitalia and intersex conditions).

*Please visit our Health Library for additional information about bladder conditions and treatments.

Diagnosis Tests required prior to your visit
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Bladder Spasm RUS KUB
Calcium Flakes TUS
Day & Night Wetting RUS KUB
Enuresis RUS KUB
Dysuria (painful urination) RUS KUB
Hydroceles / Hematuria

No Imaging

Hydronephrosis RUS VCUG
Kidney Stones CT without contrast
Multi-Cystic Kidney RUS
Neurogenic Bladder RUS VCUG
Reflux RUS VCUG yearly
Testicular Pain TUS
Tethered Cord MRI RUS
Urethra Stenosis

No Imaging

Urinary Incontinence RUS KUB
Urinary Urgency/Frequency RUS KUB
Urinary Tract Infections without fever RUS KUB
Urinary Tract Infections with fever VCUG
Ureterocele RUS


If your primary care physician or pediatrician has made a referral to our office, testing may be required. Your primary care physician or pediatrician's office should order these tests prior to your visit. If testing has been performed at a location other than University of Louisville Hospital or Norton Hospital, you will need to bring a CD of the testing performed.