Patient Testimonial: Brenda Patton, Urogynecology

Published on December 20, 2016

Brenda PattonShe had had enough! With incontinence almost every night and an overpowering urgency to go to the restroom many times during the day, Brenda Patton of Shepherdsville, went to her primary care physician looking for help. Patton was then referred directly from her primary care doctor to Dr. Sean Francis of UofL Physicians – Urogynecology.  

Dr. Francis reviewed her case and recommended that she try InterStim® Therapy. “InterStim Therapy is a sacral nerve modulation for treatment of overactive bladder,” Dr. Francis explained.  “Basically, we implant a device to help stimulate the nerves to help give the patient more bladder control. It’s like a defibrillator for the bladder,” he said.  

To make sure Patton would be a good candidate for the therapy, a trial implant was used for a short period of time.  The trial went well so Patton agreed to have a device surgically implanted.  

The outpatient surgery and recovering also went really well.  “It was so much easier and quicker than I thought,” Patton said. 

Right away, Patton noticed the difference in her symptoms. She no longer felt the sudden urgency to go to the restroom or suffer from nighttime incontinence. Plus, she was finding she only had to use the restroom four times a day. 

“I felt so good right away after the surgery that the hardest part about the recovery time was following the doctor’s orders not to lift more than 10 pounds, because all I wanted to do was play with my young grandson while babysitting him,” she said. 

After only two weeks, Dr. Francis cleared her patient to do a local 5K walk. “This was something I could not have done without the implant,” Patton said.  

Patton also started going to the YMCA again after six weeks.  She said, “I love my new freedom and I am so thankful Dr. Francis was able to help me.”

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