A Mother's Healthcare Partner: UofL Pediatrics - Stonestreet

Published on June 2, 2017

Adams Family at Stonestreet officeA mother is the one who usually manages and navigates health care for their family. Often, this can be a very challenging task. However, for Karen Adams managing health care for her five adopted children over the last 27 years has been as stress-free as possible because of the partnership she has found with all of the providers and staff at UofL Pediatrics – Stonestreet

Adams was referred to the practice through social services upon her first child’s adoption. Right away, she found the doctors and staff to be so kind. “Even when I had all five of my children with me, the doctors were so wonderful and patient,” Adams said. This was especially true when Adams found out, despite the odds, that all of her kids were allergic to penicillin. “After the doctor prescribed penicillin for all of the kids’ sore throats, I remember leaving the office feeling grateful that they would all be better soon,” Adams said. Shortly after taking their medicine, however, each child started to break out in hives and she had to quickly bring them back to see the doctor. “I can laugh now, but as you can imagine, it was quite an ordeal going back with the kids looking and feeling so miserable. Everyone, including the doctor, was so kind and took such good care of them. I was ever so thankful,” Adams said. 

Making appointments has always been simple for Adams. “Just like when all of the kids had their sore throats, when one of my kids is sick, I am always told to come in right away,” Adams said. She has also been impressed of how well her pediatrician office works with her retail pharmacy to make sure prescriptions are ready promptly and accurately. In addition, “the office is clean, the entire staff is friendly and respectful, and the location is convenient to our home and schools in Pleasure Ridge Park.”

Over the years, three of Adams’ children have “graduated” from the pediatric practice, but two of her daughters, Lafonda, 15, and Anna, 17, still receive care there today. Both daughters also appreciate the care they receive at the practice. As Anna reflected on her experience, she said, “I like to go here because they treat us like family. I’m not looking forward to having to find a new doctor when I turn 18 because I like it here so much.”  

Adams knows her children have always felt safe and comfortable, sharing any concerns with their providers at UofL Pediatrics – Stonestreet, including Nagma Zafar, MD, PhD, which is important for children in general, but especially for teenagers. “Helping children navigate the transition from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood, a privilege that pediatricians treasure, is a unique experience with each patient,” Zafar said. “Lafonda, the younger sibling, is filled with curiosity and hungry for knowledge. She is not shy to ask a few good questions during her visit. Anna, who is already past this phase, is interested in discussing her choices and plans for the future. Their positive growth and willingness to share brings joy to my day as I see them transition into healthy and caring adults,” Zafar said.

In addition to Adams’ daughters, Adams’ grandson is also a patient at UofL Pediatrics – Stonestreet.  “The doctors here have been a blessing to me,” Adams said. “I want to make sure my grandkids also receive the same great care my children have received.”

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