Liver Cancer

At the UofL Brown Cancer Center, we customize your care for liver cancer. This means we treat you as an individual, not a statistic.

Your treatment plan is personalized to include the most advanced therapies, while focusing on your quality of life. Liver cancer treatment options may include:

  • New forms of chemotherapy
  • Chemoembolization
  • Hepatic artery infusion to deliver chemotherapy directly to the liver
  • Proton therapy
  • Targeted therapies to help your body fight liver cancer

A team of experts, including medical, surgical and radiation oncologists, specialized pathologists, as well as a specially trained support staff, collaborate and communicate frequently about your case. For you, this means comprehensive, but focused, care for liver cancer.

Our physicians have at their fingertips the most modern techniques and technology to diagnose and treat liver cancer. And they use them with extraordinary skill.

Surgery for liver cancer often is complex and challenging. Your best chance for a successful outcome is with a surgeon who has a high degree of experience and skill in these highly specialized procedures. Our surgeons at UofL Brown Cancer Center use the latest methods to perform a large number of delicate liver cancer surgeries each year, with higher chance for successful treatment than many other cancer centers.

As a research center, we are able to offer clinical trials of new treatments for liver cancer.

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