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12/06/2017 - The Health Journal

UofL cardiologist leading multi-site trialin adult stem cells for heart failure; UofL Hospital opens new center to treat hepatitis C; and much more

9/20/2017- The Health Journal

UofL Hospital earns recognition for treatment of stroke |  HER program offers support to young women with breast cancer | New Procedure for disk pain

Featured Practice ● HER Program – UofL James Graham Brown Cancer Center

Featured Physicians ● Dr. Heather Felton – UofL Pediatrics 

1/26/2017 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians offering newly approved WATCHMAN LAAC Implant to help fight stroke-causing blood clots

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians – Fertility Center

Featured Physicians ● Drs. Rodolfo Zamora-Rendich, Lonnie Douglas and Jon Carlson

8/25/2016 - The Health Journal

Digital breast tomosynthesis provides clearer, more accurate view | Lung cancer breath ‘signature’ presents promise for earlier diagnosis | New blood test screening for colorectal cancer

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians – MS Center

Featured Physicians ● Drs. Chris and Connie Anggelis

3/24/2016 - The Health Journal

Cyberknife® and Airo® Mobile Intraoperative CT now offered by UofL Physicians Neurosurgeon │ Sodium consumption high among Americans │ Patients can benefit from email communication with physicians

Featured Practice ● Pediatric Cardiology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Michael Hughes

11/10/2015 - The Health Journal

Increased awareness of Leukocoria or "white glow" in the eyes of children can help detect retinoblastoma early │ Opioid abuse in U.S on the rise │Here's what this year's medical class looks like

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians offers specialized care for adult congenital heart disease

Featured Physician ● Dr. Sean Francis

08/21/2015 - The Health Journal

Single dose of HPV vaccine may prevent cervical cancer │ The countdown to ICD-10 │ FDA approves first drug produced by 3D printing

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Colon & Rectal Surgery

Featured Physician ● Dr. Michael Wilder 

05/14/2015 - The Health Journal

New procedures a ‘significant breakthrough’ in stroke care │ Approximately 14 million major medical conditions linked to smoking │ Data breaches and the impact on health care

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Neurology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Lina Mackelaite

02/27/2015 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians Valve Team now offers MitraClip procedure │ Talking to your patients about vaccinations │ New study provides strong evidence linking anticholinergic drugs and dementia

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Featured Physician ● Dr. Jiyao Zou

10/30/2014 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians research offers alternative treatment for breast cancer │ New rule reclassifies hydrocodone combinations products │ Study sheds light on relationship between infectious diseases and antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Pediatric Pulmonology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Maria Koutourousiou

08/27/2014 - The Health Journal

COPD remains under-recognized, undertreated │ How will Medicare’s proposed payment rule impact you? │ CDC director warns of antibiotic resistance

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians - Epilepsy Center

Featured Physician ● Dr. Michael Smith

06/16/2014 - The Health Journal

Heart symposium to focus on prevention, recognition and treatment of heart disease in women │ MERS 2014 update │ What doctors are saying about legalizing marijuana 

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Featured Physician ● Dr. Stephen Winters

04/20/2014 - The Health Journal

Printed 3D heart aids in surgery of child │ Health care apps: Are they safe? │ Top 10 apps physicians recommend to their patients

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Cardio-Oncology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Michael Sowell 

02/20/2014 - The Health Journal

New Neurosports Program focuses on the impact to athletes │ Which physicians lead healthy lives? │ Compounds in exhaled breath may identify early lung cancer

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Pediatric Urology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Rahul Bhola

12/18/2013 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians plastic surgeon gives life-changing surgery │ CDC report: Health disparities persist in America │ FDA approves Nexavar to treat type of thyroid cancer

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Child Neurology

Featured Physician ● Dr. Michael C. Park

10/16/2013 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians ENT discovers new treatment option for vertigo │ CDC sets threat levels for drug-resistant ‘superbugs’ │ US Food and Drug Administration finalizes new system to identify medical devices

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Kidney Disease Program

Featured Physician ● Dr. Daniel DaJusta

08/08/2013 - The Health Journal

UofL Physicians-Psychiatry offers virtual reality therapy │ Attention and behavior problems can be improved │Senior health care crisis looms

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Sports Medicine

Featured Physician ● Dr. Rita Coram

05/31/2013 - The Health Journal

Geriatric patients benefit from comprehensive health evaluations │ More than a quarter of melanoma survivors skip sunscreen │ New England Journal of Medicine: Study reports dementia care costs top $100 billion

Featured Practice ● UofL Physicians-Eye Specialists

Featured Physician ● Dr. Jeffrey Bumpous

03/19/2013 - The Health Journal

Leading the way │ World News: Medical breakthroughs on the horizon in 2013 │ FDA: Energy drink safety concerns

Featured Practice ● UofL of Physicians-Sleep Center

Featured Physician ● Dr. Thomas Abell