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Frequently Asked Questions

Login and Security

When I sign up with my Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Windows Live credentials, is my health information secure?

Yes. The FollowMyHealth™ (FMH) application uses encrypted data techniques to protect your information while in transit and while stored in the databases for FollowMyHealth™ access. None of the encrypted information can be decrypted or viewed without using the password you have established. All users should keep their password secret.

Why do I have to use Facebook (or Yahoo, or Google or Windows Live) to log into FMH?

FMH has designed this technique to eliminate the need for our patients to define a separate login ID and password to access their medical records. The process provides a safe and secure means of using an existing login ID and password to access your FMH patient portal data.

This process makes me nervous – I don't want my medical data to go on to the Facebook computer network.

That thought would make anyone nervous, but that won’t happen. There are a number of protections in place when entering your login ID to access FMH. For instance, if you use your Facebook ID to login to FMH, the Facebook server only stays connected long enough to confirm that the correct password has been entered. Then, the session with Facebook ends and the session to view FMH records begins. There is never a time when the FMH data can flow to the Facebook network.

I forgot my password. Who do I call?

UofL Physicians does not keep password information and cannot reset your password. You must use the method provided by your credentials provider (such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows Live) to have your password reset.

My email address seems to be known by many online entities. Can I create a separate account for logging into the FMH patient portal?

Yes. You can establish a new account that is only used for FMH access. You simply set up a new account with one of the four vendors and restrict use to FMH. You do not ever have to check the email inbox that will be associated with that account. For example, if your regular email address is with Yahoo, you can set up a separate Gmail address and use that as your login ID for FMH and nothing else. Your FMH login ID does not have to be your primary email address.

The website to access FMH is confusing. How can I get more information?

To reach the informational pages regarding FollowMyHealth™, please visit

What if a computer network such as Facebook is hacked and the data holding my login ID and password data are stolen?

The protection steps for the login and password information from each of the four vendors FMH utilizes is significant. In each case, the passwords are always stored in an encrypted state. That means if the password data is somehow accessed and stolen, the strength of the password would be relied upon to continue to protect you. It is always recommended that you have a strong password so you can rely on its security during any illegal password access scenario.

What do you mean by a "strong password"? As long as I keep my password secret, isn't that enough?

Not really. The techniques for unscrambling passwords by computer hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated. A weak password can easily be guessed by an amateur hacker. The stronger a password is, the more time it will take to decode. When you select a strong password, you are protecting your data even if the encrypted password data is stolen. Determine your password strength by visiting


Creating an Account

Can I set up an account on behalf of my child?

Yes. When you register for an account you will be asked if the account is for your child. Accounts established for children younger than 13 years old allows you to receive appointment reminders, request prescription refills, view immunizations and other benefits. Accounts established for children 13 and older will allow you to view medical information provided before age 13. You will also be able to send private messages to your child's medical team.

Can I set up an account for another adult?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older should register themselves on the portal. We are able to accept adult proxys, but we must have a power of attorney on file; consent is not sufficient. Further, minors between the ages of 13 and 17 who are married, living apart from their parents, or those who have borne or fathered a child, may register for a portal account for themselves and their child.

Can you tell me more about the registration process?

To ensure your medical records are kept secure, there are two steps to the registration process. Step 1 is completing the brief "Get Started" form so that we can match you to your medical records. Once that has been done, you'll receive an email within two business days that includes instructions for Step 2, setting up your account.

What is my invitation code?

Your invitation code is the last four digits of your Social Security number or your year of birth.

I clicked "Get Started" four days ago and completed the form. I've not heard back. What should I do?

It's possible you received an email that was sent to your junk folder. Check your junk folder for a message from or . You can prevent future emails from being filtered as junk by changing your email settings, or by adding these senders to your "safe sender" list.

If you're not able to locate an email, please call 502-588-0437 or email


Why isn't there any information in my portal account?

No information indicates you are not connected to UofL Physicians. To request a connection to a medical organization through your FollowMyHealth patient portal account, follow the steps in the following this article:

To pull your information into your account, you will need to go back to the email inviation you received when you signed up. Click on the link to FollowMyHealth to open the login screen. Click on the Add this Connection button. Log into the account you created and enter your invitation code. Once your invitation code is entered, you will be connected to UofL Physicians and able to view your medical information.


Functionality and Account Information

I noticed that I can make entries into my medical record on my own. This is a great way to include information that is not on the UofL Physicians medical record system. Will my doctor be notified of the entries I make?

Yes. Your doctor's office receives a message to update information such as insurance, demographics, pharamacies, medications, etc., where a patient has requested changes to the portal information. Once the change has been made, the doctor's office can respond and let the patient know the changes are complete. Information is not updated without the doctor's office receiving a message first to make the requested changes.

 What lab results are sent to the FMH patient portal?

Not all lab results are allowed to flow to the FMH patient portal. Certain lab results are considered too sensitive to be sent to patients using this electronic system. Results of sensitive labs such as hepatitis tests, HIV tests, STD tests, genetic tests and others will not be sent to FMH. Patients will receive the results from these tests using conventional methods such as a phone call or mail message from your provider. Also, radiology and pathology results are not sent to FMH, and no scanned documents from third party providers are sent.



Why is my doctor's office offering a patient portal?

The FollowMyHealth™ patient portal is provided for the convenience of our patients and allows greater access to important medical information. It is also an easy, safe tool to communicate with your health care providers.

Is there an app for this?

Yes, if you have an Apple or Android based device, you can download the app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play marketplace store. You must first establish your account on a computer.  This product is still in an initial release and is in the improvement phase. We welcome your constructive feedback through the review feature of the App. We hope you can help us refine this new and exciting tool! Search for "FollowMyHealth" to find the App. (Note: The mobile app version of FollowMyHealth™ is a generic Jardogs branded product. Even though the brand is different, you can use this product to receive the provided functionality of the FollowMyHealth™ tool.)

What are browser requirements for FollowMyHealth™?

IE 7.0 or higher, FireFox 2 or 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 4 supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


For any other questions or concerns about the UofL Physicians patient portal, please call 502-588-0437 or email