Novak Center for Children's Health

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A Dream for the Children of Kentucky

It started out as a dream for a better way to deliver health care for the children of Kentucky and today construction on the 170,000-square-foot Novak Center for Children’s Health is well on its way to becoming a reality. Slated to open in the summer of 2018, the state-of-the-art eight-story building will be home to all the UofL Physicians pediatric specialty clinical practices, including a large general pediatrics location. 

The children who come to the Novak Center for Children’s Health will experience a forest-like atmosphere with bright, happy colors, and some of their favorite animals peeking out from murals located on every floor. The environment is being designed to put children at ease and give them easy access to some of the top pediatric specialists and primary care providers in the nation all in one location. The building will feature interactive art displays, special days with musicians and other activities, but most important, the building will contain state-of-the-art medical treatments and advances designed specifically to address the health needs of children. 

The building will be home to seven clinical floors, plus a lab, pharmacy and radiology services, as well as a rooftop garden and conference area. Every element of the building from the warm, inviting, colored tiles on the exterior of the building, to each room that the children enters was chosen with care, compassion and years of studying the very best facilities throughout the country. The designers, physicians and caregivers were determined to build a place where children could go to feel safe and cared for during some of the most trying times of their lives. The goal was to bring the very best in care to the children of Kentucky, delivered by the top physicians, in the most state-of the-art building available.

Planning for the building began in January 2015 and architectural firms GBBN, Stanley, Beaman & Sears and Messer Construction Co. have been engaged since June 2015. Both firms were chosen because of their extensive experience in building and designing health care facilities for children.

“This will be the premier pediatrics care building for children in the state of Kentucky,” said Dr. Gerard Rabalais, interim CEO of the University of Louisville Physicians. “This will allow parents easy access to pediatric specialists and primary care providers in one location, with everything designed specifically for children and their families. It is our intent that through this new facility, we will be building the future of pediatric care for years to come.”

Construction for the Novak Center for Children’s Health is well on its way. In the fall of 2016 construction fences for the new UofL Physicians building went up. From then on it has been an exciting whirlwind of activity for a project that will take a total of two years.

Each day there are about 70 people working on the building. Most recently, installation of the northeast stairs has begun. Exterior framing of level seven is complete, while exterior framing of levels one through four continues. A number of interior projects are ongoing, from wall framing to installatin of the pneumatic tube system. 

The new pediatric building will be located at 411 E. Chestnut St., adjacent to the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center, which is located at 401 E. Chestnut St.

Construction Fast Facts

  • 6400 cubic yards of concrete
  • 850 tons of reinforcing steel
  • 450 miles of heating & cooling piping
  • 877 chilled beams
  • 15,291 terra cotta panels
  • 3,505 metal panels
  • 315 windows
  • 566 doors


Here is a look at how the construction will currently affect access to the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center:

  • The parking lot off Preston St., between the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center and the Dental School Building, is permanently closed. Additional handicapped parking is now available in the Chestnut Street Parking Garage, 414 E. Chestnut St., on each floor near the elevators.
  • The sidewalk and parking on Preston Street alongside the construction site and UofL Physicians Outpatient Center are closed.
  • The main entrance will be open throughout the construction project.
  • The back entry door located near the main conference rooms and Campus Health is closed and is an emergency exit only.
  • The Patient Drop Off area, side walk and entry will remain open. At times these may be temporarily closed but only for very short periods.        

 View an updated map of the construction.


Pediatrics Residency program starts


The Louisville Twin Study begins


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Training program begins


Children & Youth Project Opens (2014 – Merger of Children & Youth and UofL Pediatrics Broadway into UofL Pediatrics – Downtown)


Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Training program begins


Med/Peds Residency program starts in the Department of Internal Medicine


Portable Nitric Oxide Therapy to facilitate transport of neonates with unstable pulmonary hypertension and an emergency extracorporeal life support services begins

Pediatrics faculty member assumes the role of Medical Director at the Home of the Innocents

Pediatrics faculty physician, Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, serves as Medical Director of Jefferson County Health Department


Pediatric Sleep Fellowship program begins

Just for Kids Hospitalist program, one of the first programs in the United States, concludes its first year with overwhelming success in volume, subscription by the private community and enhancement of generalist inpatient teaching

Ambulatory Pediatrics Fellowship begins

Kosair Charities fund a grant to develop the Kosair Charities Pediatric Clinical Research Unit at the Kosair Children's Hospital


A new program in Adult Congenital Heart Disease in partnership with Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery forms


Med/Peds Residency program begins its own program separate from Internal Medicine


International Adoption Clinic opens

UofL Pediatrics – Campbellsville opens

UofL Pediatrics – Stonestreet opens


Pediatric Child Abuse Fellowship program begins

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Training program begins


Pediatric Pulmonology Fellowship program begins

Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine renamed Kosair Charities Division of Pediatric Forensic Medicine

Opening of UofL Pediatrics at Sam Swope Kosair Charities Centre


UofL Pediatrics and Springhurst Kids’ Doc merge


Dr. Charles Woods, Jr., a pediatric infectious diseases specialist, elected incoming chair of the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics' (AAP) Section on Epidemiology, Public Health and Evidence (SEOPHE)

Dr. Gilbert Liu, a UofL Physicians pediatrician and chief of General Pediatrics at UofL, named an inaugural scholar by the Commonwealth Institute of Kentucky in an initiative to broaden capacity in addressing health disparities across the state and beyond

Dr. John Roberts, a neonatologist with UofL Physicians, is named president of the Greater Louisville Medical Society (GLMS)

Construction began on the new UofL Physicians Pediatric Medical Office Building


UofL Physicians Pediatric Medical Office Building officially named the Novak Center for Children's Health, in honor of David Novak, his family and the Life-A-Life Foundation


UofL Physicians Novak Center for Children's Health is scheduled to open

Practices begin moving in on June 22.

First patient is seen on June 25.




Help support this project today! The Novak Center for Children's Health will benefit children in the Louisville community and across the Commonwealth.

It's children like Matthew and Logan (pictured right with Dr. Swapna Chandran) who will benefit from this building - a building that will house all of their health care needs in one building.

 Support this project and children like Matthew and Logan by making a gift!


Construction of the Novak Center for Children's Health is well underway. Want to see the progress?

UofL Physicians has installed a camera to record videos of the construction so you can see updates on the construction whether you're in the building next door or you're on the other side of the world.

Videos will be added to an archive each month so you can go back and see the month-to-month progress. Once construction is complete, we'll have a full time lapse video from beginning to end.


Learn More about the Novak Center

Novak Center Construction Walk through

December 2017 - February 2018 Construction Time Lapse Video

October 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

August 2017 Construction Time Lapse VideoSeptember 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

July 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

June 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

May 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

April 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

March 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

February 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

January 2017 Construction Time Lapse Video

December 2016 Construction Time Lapse Video

November 2016 Construction Time Lapse Video

First Floor Lobby

The main lobby is made to look like the base of a tree with a root design in the floor and tree frogs climbing the wall. The lobby also features artwork on wall and window panels with LED color-change lighting. Just behind the information desk is the UofL Pediatrics (general pediatrics) suite.

main lobby rendering


Third Floor Pedway

The third floor pedway (sky bridge) connects the parking garage and the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center to the Novak Center for Children's Health. It overlooks the main lobby on the first floor. The third floor will house a diagnostics center, pharmacy and a cafe/coffee area.

Main Lobby view from 3rd floor rendering


Wendy L. Novak Diabetes Care Center (Seventh Floor) Lobby

The Wendy L. Novak Diabetes Care Center and Pediatric Endocrinology will be housed on the seventh floor. The lobby is two stories high with windows looking up to the rooftop and conference center area. Those visiting the conference center area on the eighth floor will have an aerial view of the seventh floor lobby.

Wendy Novak Diabetes Center lobby rendering



Typical Waiting Room

Waiting rooms have open layouts with cubby holes for children to sit, play and read.

typical clinic lobby rendering

alternate view of typical clinic lobby rendering


Typical Exam Room/Corridor

The designs in the clinic hallway (like the yellow below) brighten it up and makes a visit to the doctor seem less scary to a child. In addition, the curve in the floor design make the hallways not appear so straight and long.

typical clinic exam room and corridor rendering

Physicians in this practice may not see patients at all locations listed below. For details, please call the appointment line for the location you are interested in visiting.

The Novak Center for Children's Health will be located at 411 E. Chestnut St., adjacent to the UofL Physicians Outpatient Center, located at 401 E. Chestnut St. With this announcement, please make note of the location of your future pediatric appointments. Below is a map of the center location and list of practices moving. 

Offices and Clinics

  • Novak Center for Children's Health
    411 E. Chestnut St.
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202

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Next Steps

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