Brain Tumors

Every patient who comes to the UofL Brown Cancer Center for brain tumor treatment receives customized care from some of the nation’s top experts.

From diagnosis through treatment and follow-up, you are the focus of a team of specialists who personalize your therapy for your unique situation.

We have a level of expertise in the treatment of benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancer) brain tumors that can translate into more successful outcomes for many brain tumor patients.

Our team approach to care brings together highly trained physicians from multiple areas, all dedicated to brain tumor care or research. Each team is joined by a specially trained support staff. They all work together closely to be sure you receive individualized care.

Our skilled and recognized neurosurgeons perform a large number of brain tumor surgeries each year, using the least-invasive and most advanced techniques. Like all surgeries, brain tumor surgery is most successful when it is performed by a specialist with a great deal of experience. This is especially true with brain tumors because it is crucial to remove as much of the tumor as possible while leaving intact optimum brain function.

We use the most advanced radiation treatment methods, targeting brain tumors more precisely and delivering the maximum amount of radiation with the least damage to healthy cells.

We continue to look at new diagnostic and treatment approaches, including attacking disease on a molecular basis. We are able to offer clinical trials of target therapies in some cases. And we are studying new ways to prevent and treat brain tumors to give patients everywhere a future filled with hope.

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