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National Burn Awareness Week from A-Z

UofL Health – UofL Hospital – Burn Center recognizes American Burn Association’s National Burn Awareness Week. This year’s theme is electrical burns from A-Z. Overloading electrical circuits are a major cause of residential fires. Warning signs of an overloaded circuit include: Flickering, blinking or dimming lights Frequently tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses Warm or discolored…
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Seven great benefits to cold-weather workouts  

When the thermostat descends and the days grow shorter and darker, it’s tempting to want to peek back under the covers and hibernate. But maintaining an exercise routine throughout the winter offers tangible health benefits. You burn more calories. As the body works harder to regulate its core temperature among the elements, you’ll burn a…
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Recovering from COVID at home

Not all COVID-19 patients require hospitalization. In fact, many are diagnosed and sent home to recover. If you are recovering at home, it’s important to stay away from other members of your household to reduce their risk of contracting the virus. It can be tough to know how to best treat yourself but there are…
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Ways to prevent birth defects

Finding out that you’re pregnant is an exciting time, and you are probably making many efforts to make sure that the baby is as healthy as possible. While not all birth defects can be prevented, there are ways women can increase their chances of having a healthy baby and developing healthy lifestyle habits too. According…
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