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Sugar: Does it cause cancer?

Does sugar feed cancer? Not exactly. There is no current evidence that shows a direct link between sugar intake and cancer growth! But, here’s what we do know: A diet high in simple or added sugar increases our risk for diabetes, which is linked to an increased risk for cancer Excess body weight can also…
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Have a holly jolly healthy holiday

We are entering that beloved time of year…the holidays; a time for visiting with family and friends, putting up decorations, and lots and lots of eating. This time of year it is easy to get carried away with all the wonderful food–the turkey or ham, the pies, the cookies, the dressing. Then, following the holidays,…
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How to have a healthy freshman year

You’re on your own and facing a new set of opportunities and challenges. Being at college is a good time to not only increase you knowledge, but create a new set of healthy habits. Many parents and students have heard of the “Freshman 15,” referring to the average weight gain of a college freshman. This is…
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