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What you should know about brain injuries

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and many are taking time to increase their awareness of the incidence of brain injury and empower people with brain injuries and their caretakers. Traumatic brain injury can be devastating for patients and their families. It takes a tremendous toll, both physically and emotionally, on caregivers. No two brain…
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Reasons to wear a bike helmet

As the weather begins to improve and the spring days become longer, a lot of families will start pulling out their bicycles from the garage. However, when you pull the bikes out, it’s important that you remember the bike helmets too. A bike helmet can save your life. The effects of even a minor traumatic…
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Tips to protect and care for your brain

Traumatic Brain Injury is a leading cause of death and disability. Most often, TBI results from injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions and falls. Sports injuries, violence, and work-related injuries also contribute to these statistics. The physicians at UofL Physicians-Neurosurgery are experts in the surgical and medical treatment of brain injuries and offer the following tips for…
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