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Protect your vision while playing sports

More than 40 percent of all eye injuries are related to sports or recreational activities. They represent more than 100,000 physician visits per year and cost more than $175 million. It is important to understand how to prevent these injuries from occurring. Ninety percent of the sports related eye injuries in school aged children can be…
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Hit the slopes safely this season

Skiing and snowboarding trips are something many people and families look forward to over the holidays and during the winter months. But for most it’s not a year-round hobby, so people may overestimate their abilities, and instead of speeding gracefully down the slopes like stars Bode Miller or Lindsey Vonn, they can end up more…
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Put Me In Coach!

What is a sports physical? A sports physical is a comprehensive history and physical. The sports physical form comes from the Kentucky High School Athletics Association and can be found on their web site, It has to be signed by a physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or chiropractor (if it is within their scope of…
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