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Need an excuse to take a nap?

This weekend, we “spring forward” an hour. At 2 a.m. March 14, 2021 Daylight Saving Time begins. The best recommendation is to adjust your clocks one hour ahead the night before on March 13. You may notice your digital clocks change automatically. Catching a nap ahead of this can help counteract the groggy feeling of…
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Too much screen time can damage your eyes

With the new normal of social distancing and staying home more frequently, many people have found themselves and their loved ones watching television and using their phones or computers more than they typically would. In the past few months, streaming services including Netflix, YouTube and Amazon have seen an 18% increase in usage of their…
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Keeping your kids well-rested during homeschooling

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on and shelter-in-place restrictions stay in effect, families are settling into a new routine, one that for most allows for more time to relax and spend time together. But all of this extra time at home can also increases the likelihood that children may develop unhealthy habits like excessive screen…
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