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Obesity and COVID-19

No matter what you weigh, you should be following the COVID-19 safety guidelines. However, if you are obese – if you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or above, or you have diabetes – you should be even more careful. Kentucky ranks as one of the top states nationally with the highest obesity…
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Stop the itch: Preventing head lice

You notice your children have been itching their scalps more often than usual. Yesterday, when you picked them up from day care, you noticed other children itching their scalps as well. You decide to go to the bathroom and dig out an old comb from the bottom drawer and check their scalps just make sure…
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Family medicine: A family-focused alternative for primary care

What is primary care? Primary care refers to medical care given by a provider (physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) who is the first point of contact for patients’ non-emergent symptoms, disease management, and health concerns. It is also encompasses preventative types of care including cancer screening, vaccinations, health maintenance exams, and patient education. Providers…
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