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Are e-cigarettes less harmful?

With lung cancer awareness month upon us, and many new insights into electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), it seems the perfect time to discuss these new and emerging products. Though they have been around for over a decade now, popularity continues to grow and new e-cigarette devices hit the market frequently. Originally touted as a device to…
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Harmful effects of smoking continues to sweep Kentucky

Kentucky continues to have one of the highest rates of incidence and deaths from lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer is usually not detected until the signs and symptoms are present, when the patient is already at a more advanced stage. The key to fight this disease is prevention and early detection. Smoking and secondhand smoke (nonsmokers…
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Avoid being counted in these statistics

Kentucky has the highest death rate for lung cancer in the nation – 50 percent higher than the national average. We also have the highest rate of smoking – 28 percent higher than the national average. Other causes such as mining and radon in the ground contribute to lung cancer prevalence. When toxins and dust…
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