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Addiction treatment

The treatment of addiction is a marathon, not a sprint. Often, people think of addiction treatment as detox. They believe that once someone is detoxed, they should be on their merry way to sobriety. When that doesn’t happen – as it often doesn’t – family and friends are disappointed. They begin to blame the patient….
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Mosquitoes can bring illness with the itching

Mosquitoes are as much a part of summertime as hot temperatures and outdoor picnics. But parents should be aware that preventing mosquito bites in children is important for their long-term health. Besides making your kids uncomfortable, mosquito bites can cause an allergic reaction in some children, resulting in welts, lesions, bruises, a burning, itching sensation…
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Handwashing 101

Just about everything we come in contact with everyday harbors bacteria, viruses and germs — doorknobs, keyboards, cell phones, elevator buttons, faucet handles, shopping carts, gas pumps. With germs lurking everywhere it’s important to ensure good hand hygiene to prevent the spread of illness. Below are a few facts that may inspire you and your…
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