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Father is sending his sad daughter to school for first time and trying to relax her

How to calm first day of school nerves

Many parents and children dread the first day of school with jitters about separation from each other. Children are nervous about being away from their parents, in a new surrounding, having to make new friends, and about being around many new people including teachers and other children, many of whom are also uneasy about their…
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Coping with school anxiety

Another new school year is upon us. Although a new year is often an exciting time for families, school can be a very stressful time of year for both parents and children. Here are some tips to help. Coping strategies for children who experience school anxiety (test, social, refusal): Parents should show excitement and interest…
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Back-to-school check-ups

Even as an adult (without a school-age child), I still get a little nervous and excited when I see the “Back-to-School” ads in the paper and signs in the stores. Along with thoughts of notebooks, highlighters and new shoes, these signs should also remind you to get your child a back-to-school check-up. In the state…
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Helping children eat right

August is National Kids Eat Right month. This also happens to be when most children head back to school. Many parents are left frustrated because their kids may not seem to want to eat the lunch provided by their school, and parents begin to run out of ideas of what to pack for their lunches….
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A healthy start to the new school year

Backpacks, school supplies, shoes, clothes—most families’ back-to-school checklists are extensive. Don’t forget to consider a trip to the doctor and updated vaccines to ensure your child has a healthy start to the new school year. These exams are required for new and returning students: Physicals: Children must get physicals for kindergarten and sixth grade. Dental…
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