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Ways to prevent birth defects

Finding out that you’re pregnant is an exciting time, and you are probably making many efforts to make sure that the baby is as healthy as possible. While not all birth defects can be prevented, there are ways women can increase their chances of having a healthy baby and developing healthy lifestyle habits too. According…
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Importance of well-woman checkups

As women, we know the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and general health exams. However, some women neglect to get their annual well-woman exam. While getting a well-woman checkup may not be at the top of your to-do list, making sure that you are continuing with your annual well-woman exam is important to maintain good…
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Maintaining a healthy weight may decrease uterine cancer risk

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 65,600 new cases of uterine cancer will be diagnosed this year, making uterine cancer the most common gynecologic malignancy.  Cancers of the uterus are primarily made up of endometrial cancers, which are malignant tumors originating within the inner lining of the uterus. This type of cancer primarily…
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