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Why you should consider robotic surgery

Your doctor tells you it’s time for a needed surgery—a hernia repair, perhaps, or gallbladder surgery, or a hysterectomy. You’re given the option of having open abdominal surgery vs. conventional straight stick laparoscopic surgery vs. robotic surgery (where the doctor uses a sophisticated da Vinci surgical system, or robot, to hold the scalpel). Should you…
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Immunotherapy helps patient find new hope in cancer treatments

Jeff Habermel’s journey to three-time cancer survivor has been a rollercoaster of emotions. “Is this a death sentence?” That question came during the darkest period, after his melanoma diagnosis. But it was UofL Health –  Brown Cancer Center who offered him new hope with immunotherapy. “Dr. Chesney looked at me and my wife, and said…
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Travis the facility dog

Why is there a dog in the doctor’s office?

Patients can struggle during their rehab and physical therapy with sometimes painful exercises, but a popular new employee at UofL Hospital is helping motivate them and divert their attention during those difficult activities. While they are enjoying their interaction with Travis, they are not as focused on the functional tasks they are completing to continue…
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