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Travis the facility dog

Why is there a dog in the doctor’s office?

Patients can struggle during their rehab and physical therapy with sometimes painful exercises, but a popular new employee at UofL Hospital is helping motivate them and divert their attention during those difficult activities. While they are enjoying their interaction with Travis, they are not as focused on the functional tasks they are completing to continue…
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Follow your health to a healthier you

In the past, you might have kept track of doctor’s appointments or health reminders using Post-it Notes, an electronic calendar, a paper notebook or appointment cards in your wallet or on the refrigerator. These are just some of the ways patients have kept track of their appointments, blood pressure readings, or upcoming immunizations for themselves…
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Academic physicians impact the health of you and your family

Every day, doctors make discoveries and develop innovative treatments that change the lives of patients and their families everywhere. Most of these breakthroughs are made by academic physicians, dedicated doctors who see patients in clinical practices while researching and teaching at universities in the School of Medicine. Because of their academic affiliation and research activities,…
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