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Keeping connected with family during COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused many events where families would have traditionally gathered have been either cancelled, rescheduled, or heavily modified to fit within the guidelines. Even though your family can’t gather as they normally would during summer, here are a few simple ways to stay connected to them: Set up weekly face-to-face calls Modern technology has…
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Five tips for preventing mask acne

“Maskne.” It’s real, and it’s one of the biggest skin care topics on the internet now as people from all walks of life adjust to wearing masks in public. If you’re wearing a mask and getting breakouts as a result, you don’t have to consign yourself to your fate. There’s a lot you can do…
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When a tick bite is Lyme disease

The outdoors are full of ticks that bite. But how do you know when you’ve been bitten with a tick infected with Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a serious infection that looks and acts very differently than the typical discomfort of a tick bite. And it infects an estimated 300,000 people a year, according to…
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