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Five tips to eat healthy on a tight budget

With extremely high unemployment rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions report that their households did not get enough to eat. Data from several sources show a dramatic increase in the number of households struggling to put enough food on the table. Nearly 26 million adults — 12 percent of all adults in the country…
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COVID-19 tips for older adults

While COVID-19 guidelines continue to evolve, the older adults have remained among the highest risk groups since the beginning.  That is why older adults often need to take additional precautions. The rationale for this is not all that surprising. As we age, immune systems often grow weaker, which decreases the ability of an older adult…
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Safety tips for the holiday season

With the holidays and colder weather approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer some helpful tips and information to keep you and your family trauma free this season! Exterior Decorating Decorating for the holidays has become more extravagant. There are more exterior decorations than ever before. If you are going to decorate outside,…
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