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How does my family history affect my health?

When you think about your family history, the first thought that may come to mind is your grandfather’s stories from being deployed or how your grandmother met her future partner. While it’s important to pass down personal family stories to keep the history alive, it is equally important to have knowledge of your family medical…
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How to treat a bee sting

Most of us enjoy the smells and bright colors flowers bring us. As the seasons change and the weather warms up helping flowers can grow and bloom, it also means bees are working hard to keep our flora pollinated. Generally, bees, hornets and wasps fly around minding their buzzing business. However, occasionally people experience the…
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Father is sending his sad daughter to school for first time and trying to relax her

How to calm first day of school nerves

Many parents and children dread the first day of school with jitters about separation from each other. Children are nervous about being away from their parents, in a new surrounding, having to make new friends, and about being around many new people including teachers and other children, many of whom are also uneasy about their…
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