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Does sunscreen cause cancer?

It’s summertime and, generally, that means cracking open the sunscreen. What if I told you that your sunscreen could cause cancer? Studies have shown that some sunscreen brands use ingredients that your skin will absorb and may have adverse effects. And just last week, some sunscreens were pulled from the shelves after testing found they…
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What’s the safest way to handle fireworks?

Happy Independence Day! The upcoming holiday weekend is sure to be an extra special celebration and staying safe is the biggest priority. According to the National Safety Council, 50% of fireworks injuries were to children and young adults under 20 years old. Sixty-seven percent took place between June 16 and July 16. Thousands are hospitalized…
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The best time to get screened

Age is but a number, especially when it comes to screening. Even if you are healthy, you still need regular health screenings completed by your health care provider. Screenings can help detect diseases and conditions early so that you and your care team have a head start on treating your illness or condition. They also…
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