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Father is sending his sad daughter to school for first time and trying to relax her

How to calm first day of school nerves

Many parents and children dread the first day of school with jitters about separation from each other. Children are nervous about being away from their parents, in a new surrounding, having to make new friends, and about being around many new people including teachers and other children, many of whom are also uneasy about their…
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Overuse injuries in the pediatric and youth populations

Approximately 50% of all sports-related injuries for pediatric athletes (children ages 6 to 12 and adolescents ages 13-18) are due to overuse. Overuse injuries can be caused by training errors, improper technique, excessive sports training, inadequate rest, muscle weakness and imbalances and early specialization. Acute overuse injuries occur when there is too much activity, too…
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Bike Safety: Always wear a helmet

As the weather begins to improve and the spring days become longer, a lot of families will start pulling out their bicycles from the garage. However, when you pull the bikes out, it is important that you remember to always wear a bike helmet. A bike helmet can save your life and is just as…
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Raising awareness about developmental disabilities

March is Development Disabilities Awareness Month, a time recognized as raising awareness about inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities in all areas of life, while also promoting respect for anyone with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This month is also a chance to provide understanding, encouragement and opportunities to help anyone with intellectual and developmental disabilities…
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