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Woman writing down recipe in a dairy from internet using laptop in kitchen

Meal planning could be the key to your health

Life can often become stressful and busy between all of your responsibilities. Let’s be real, after a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is spend the next couple of hours putting together dinner. The same can be said for getting up early to make breakfast and lunch. That is why…
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A sweet Valentine’s Day without so many sweets

People often think of dietitians as the food police and that we are going to tell you not to eat sweets. Well, this dietitian is here to say that you can incorporate some sweets into your life, but it should (as everything) be in moderation. Holidays are no exception. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and…
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An apple a day…

The days here in the Kentuckiana region are beginning to shorten. The weather is hinting at the coming fall with cool mornings. Summer is coming to a close, but there is still plenty of fresh produce to be found, in fact, early fall is perfect apple picking weather! The old saying goes, “an apple a…
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Helping children eat right

August is National Kids Eat Right month. This also happens to be when most children head back to school. Many parents are left frustrated because their kids may not seem to want to eat the lunch provided by their school, and parents begin to run out of ideas of what to pack for their lunches….
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