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Sugar: Does it cause cancer?

Does sugar feed cancer? Not exactly. There is no current evidence that shows a direct link between sugar intake and cancer growth! But, here’s what we do know: A diet high in simple or added sugar increases our risk for diabetes, which is linked to an increased risk for cancer Excess body weight can also…
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Harmful effects of smoking continues to sweep Kentucky

Kentucky continues to have one of the highest rates of incidence and deaths from lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer is usually not detected until the signs and symptoms are present, when the patient is already at a more advanced stage. The key to fight this disease is prevention and early detection. Smoking and secondhand smoke (nonsmokers…
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Cancer is emotional – and it’s totally normal

When you are diagnosed with cancer, your world is turned upside down. Everything feels off and you are consumed with many emotions that can include all or some of the following:  denial, anger, fear, worry, stress, shock, anxiety, sadness, depression, guilt, loneliness, feeling out of control, and even gratitude.  Whatever the emotion, it ALL feels overwhelming…
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