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Hope comes in all colors, especially pink!

An external badge of womanhood, breasts symbolize femininity, nurturance and love. They have been written about for centuries by poets and authors, painted and photographed, and revered in films and music for decades. And yet, they also can bring devastating news to thousands of women every year when they hear the words, “You have breast…
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Protect your skin

As the days grow longer and warmer, kids will begin to spend more time outdoors — at the ball fields, chasing butterflies, making sandcastles, and hanging out by the pool. Yet, too much sun exposure without proper protection can bring an end to any fun in the sun. Despite the fact that sun tanning and…
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The test we love to hate

When your doctor first suggested a colonoscopy, did you grimace? You’re not alone. Studies show it often takes people several years to actually get a colonoscopy even after being urged by family, friends and doctors to have one! Talking about bowel health and thinking about a colonoscopy makes many of us squeamish, but it’s extremely important….
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