Walk like a penguin to stay safe on ice

ThinkstockPhotos-501123466Be cautious of ice and slick spots when you get in and out of your car. If you park in a garage, cars bring in slush and snow. As we rush into work, so does the cold air which causes this to refreeze. Before you step out of your car ensure safe footing. Watch your step on sidewalks. If it looks shiny, avoid the area if possible. Remember, if you must walk in the snow/ice, walk like a penguin!

So what does it mean to “walk like a penguin”? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests slightly bending your back and pointing your feet out to increase your center of gravity. Take small steps and stay flat-footed. Shuffling your feet and keeping your arms out at your side may help you stay stable on the ice.

It is best when walking in winter, to always presume the sidewalk and roadways will be slick and take the extra time and precautions to get to your destination.

Stay warm and safe.