Do you have the precision to become an Academic Physician?
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Academic Physician Precision Challenge

Every day the world of medicine uncovers discoveries and innovative treatments that change the lives of patients and their families everywhere. Almost all of these medical breakthroughs are the result of dedicated physicians who treat patients in their clinical practices while researching and teaching at medical universities. These academic physicians are changing the world. This game not only measures your medical skills but gives you a peek into how academic physicians have contributed to the health of you and your family.

Do you have the precision to become an academic physician?
Take the test to see how your skills rank.

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to have a medical career? A steady hand and a thorough knowledge of anatomy are needed to be an Academic Physician. See if you have what it takes to be a ground breaking academic physician. The closer you come to placing the anatomical piece in its correct spot in the body, the higher you will score! Don’t set the buzzer off! You want your patient to live a full and long life.

  1. Click and drag each organ from the right sidebar.
  2. Drop each piece in its proper anatomical place. Steady now…
  3. Read the Academic Physician medical breakthrough and move on to the next part.
  4. Repeat the process with all remaining parts and find your ranking.
  5. Share with your friends and compare rankings! Who is the top player?