Tumors can develop in the central nervous system (CNS), which includes the brain and spinal cord. Patients with these tumor types are best treated in a multidisciplinary clinic setting that includes the expertise of neuro-oncologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and rehabilitation specialists that have dedicated and specialized training in the treatment of patients with CNS tumors. This is the clinical approach we can provide at UofL Physicians – Neuro-Oncology, within the James Graham Brown Cancer Center's Brain and Spine Tumor Clinic.

Neuro-Oncologists at UofL Physicians have a wealth of experience evaluating and treating patients with primary and secondary tumors of the brain and spinal cord, and we use the latest techniques and modalities to provide the best care for our patients.  Our goals include easy access to our physicians and nurses, a treatment plan that is well explained in a compassionate manner, and also helping patients maintain their daily lifestyles outside of their illness.    

In addition to having investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical research trials for primary and metastatic brain cancer, UofL Physicians - Neuro-Oncology is actively involved in clinical research as a member of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group. As teachers and researchers at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, our physicians are committed to clinical research and applying that in practice for patients to obtain their best chance of quality survival. Our physicians also specialize in Optune, a more advanced, non-invasive treatment method used for some newly diagnosed and recurrent gliomas.

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The initial evaluation of a patient with symptoms of any neuro-oncological illness is crucial in order to receive the appropriate care that can result in a sustained quality of life.  Specific tumors are determined by the tissue involved, the location of the tumor, as well as other factors considered for individual cases. UofL Physicians – Neuro-Oncology specialists are experts in testing, diagnosing and treating patients for the following conditions:

The most effective treatment for brain tumors depends upon the type and size of the tumor. The location in the brain and grade of tumor also affect the type of treatment necessary. Our UofL Physicians – Neuro-Oncologists are highly trained to provide individualized care for each patient based on their specific case.  

Treatment options for primary tumors

  • Neurosurgical Interventions 
  • Radiotherapy and Cyberknife
  • Chemotherapy, both conventional and experimental options
  • Optune
    • Formerly the NovoTTF™-100A System, Optune is approved for treatment of recurrent Glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive type of malignant brain tumor in adults.
    • Optune is a portable, non-invasive anti-mitotic device designed for continuous use throughout the day by the patient.
    • Studies show the device slows tumor growth by inhibiting division of cancer cells.
    • It is a more advanced, non-invasive treatment than chemotherapy.
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Treatment options for metastatic tumors

  • Surgery
  • Radiotherapy and Cyberknife
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Hormone therapy 

Our UofL Physicians work together in a multidisciplinary environment, and they are dedicated to the research and advancement of treatments for various types of CNS tumors and how these tumors impact patient’s lives.

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Offices and Clinics

  • UofL Physicians - Neuro-Oncology at James Graham Brown Cancer Center
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Hospital Affiliations

  • University of Louisville Hospital
  • James Graham Brown Cancer Center
  • Jewish Hospital

A team of neuro-oncologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists join together to create UofL Physicians - Neuro-Oncology and provide expert care in their fields.

Dr. Eric Burton serves as the director of the UofL Physicians Neuro-Oncology program at James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

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