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By the time you reach the age of 65, your body has a history. The illnesses, surgeries and injuries you may have experienced over the years make your body as individual and unique as your personality. You may also take various medications that affect the way you feel and think. You need a geriatric care specialist who can address all of the complex health issues of patients over 65.

The UofL Physicians-Geriatric Medicine Practice focuses entirely on the specific needs of patients who are over 65. Each clinician at the UofL Physicians–Geriatric Medicine Practice has devoted their career to serve this unique community. Our new Louisville senior care office is very accessible, both to older adults who are driving themselves to their appointment and those who are brought in by a caregiver. We are located in the UofL Health Care Outpatient Center (HCOC) at Chestnut and Preston streets. Patient drop-off is located at the building’s rear entrance, with wheelchair transport and concierge services available. Convenient parking is located in the attached garage across Chestnut Street. The senior care Louisville office also provides easy access to other UofL Physicians specialists, including neurology, psychiatry, podiatry, cardiology and physical therapy. The X-ray room, lab and pharmacy are offered at the HCOC, so our patients can have all their health care needs met in one building.

Our geriatric care team uses an interdisciplinary approach to care for older adults, working together to ensure that the patient’s entire medical history, current needs and lifestyle are addressed when designing any treatment plan. Our specialists can serve as consultants to a patient’s primary care physician (PCP) or as primary care physicians if the patient does not have an established relationship with a PCP.

We only care for health conditions associated with the aging population. This single focus gives us unique expertise and experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

Find a University of Louisville geriatric care facility by viewing the Our Locations tab.

Geriatric Care

We have expertise in:

Geriatric Treatments

Geriatric Evaluation and Treatment (GET) Program

Our specialists at the UofL Physicians–Geriatric Medicine Practice believe that to fully understand the medically complex issues older adults face, we must consider the social, cognitive and medical conditions of our patients. The Geriatric Evaluation and Treatment (GET) Program focuses on testing, evaluating and treating the entire patient. When appropriate, we invite the patient’s family and friends to become a part of the evaluation. This creates a supportive environment and helps to ensure that the clinicians are gathering as much information on the patient as possible.

The GET Program’s clinical team consists of physicians, pharmacists, psychologists and social workers who all specialize in the unique needs of the geriatric patient. As an interdisciplinary team, we offer solutions and treatment that work in concert to support the needs of each individual patient.

Medication Management Program

Many older adults use a variety of prescription and nonprescription medications. These medications, while being very effective on their own, may be impacting the individuals’ overall health and well-being when taken in combination. Our Medication Management Program offers a comprehensive review and assessment of a patient’s current health status and an overall evaluation of their medications to identify any medication-related problems that may be affecting their quality of life.

Any patient using prescription or non-prescription medications, herbal products or dietary supplements could potentially benefit from an overall medication assessment and ongoing management.

Dr. Demetra Antimisiaris explains more on polypharmacy (taking multiple medications) in these videos: KET - Connections with Renee Shaw and WHAS 11 - UofL Polypharmacy Initiative.

Home Care Service

There may come a time when patients at the UofL Physicians–Geriatric Medicine Practice can no longer see our specialists in an office setting. We understand that the trust and care that has been established with a caregiver is an important part of a patient’s health. As part of our Home Care Service, our clinicians can schedule ongoing care in the patient’s home.

Hospital Services

The hospital can be a difficult environment for older adults. Issues of delirium, confusion, urinary problems, medication concerns, medication-related functional concerns, ethics and end-of-life decisions are just a few of the challenges facing an older patient. These conditions represent a few of the services that the geriatricians at the UofL Physicians–Geriatric Medicine Practice are trained to address. We offer specialized support and experience to the patient and their family at both University of Louisville Hospital and Jewish Hospital Downtown.

Nursing Home Services

Our geriatric medicine physicians and nurse practitioners see patients at many local nursing homes. In addition, our specialists serve as Medical Director at the following facilities:

Christian Health Center
920 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Patrick Murphy, M.D.
Angela Irvin, APRN

Episcopal Church Home
7504 Westport Rd.
Louisville, KY 40222
Laura Grooms, M.D.
Rebecca Griffin, APRN
Noreen Mason, APRN
Masonic Home of Louisville
Palliative Care Program
3701 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40207
Christian Davis Furman, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Rangaraj K. Gopalraji, M.D., Ph.D.

Sacred Heart Village
2120 Payne Street
Louisville, KY 40206
Patrick Murphy, M.D.
Rebecca Griffin, APRN

Treyton Oak Towers
211 W. Oak Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Laura Grooms, M.D.
Amy Varner, APRN

Caregiver Support Group

Family members of older adults with dementia often find themselves in the role of caregiver, and that can bring a host of new responsibilities, many of which might be unfamiliar or intimidating. At times, caregivers may feel overwhelmed and alone. Providing care for a family member with dementia is an act of kindness, love and loyalty. And as life expectancies increase, medical treatments advance and increasing numbers of people live with chronic illness and dementia, more and more of us will participate in the caregiving process. UofL Physicians-Geriatric Medicine understands the challenges caregivers face in caring for older adults with dementia, and we want to help. Our practice, in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, offers a Caregiver Support Group that meets the third Monday of each month at 1 p.m. in the conference room of the Geriatrics office at the U of L Health Care Outpatient Center.

Physicians in this practice may not see patients at all locations listed below. For details, please call the appointment line for the location you are interested in visiting.

We also see patients who are residents at the following nursing home facilities: Christian Health Center (920 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40202, 502-583-6533); Episcopal Church Home (7504 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40222, 502-736-7800); Masonic Home of Louisville (3701 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40207, 502-897-4907); Sacred Heart Village (2120 Payne St., Louisville, KY 40206, 502-895-9888); and Treyton Oak Towers (211 West Oaks St., Louisville, KY 40202, 502-589-3211).

Offices and Clinics

  • Geriatric Medicine at UofL Physicians Outpatient Center
    401 E. Chestnut St.
    Suite 170
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202
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Hospital Affiliations

  • University of Louisville Hospital
  • Jewish Hospital

Our physicians are at the forefront of the latest health care trends, practicing evidence-based medicine and focusing on patient-centered care delivered through collaboration with providers in various subspecialties such as allergy, podiatry, sports and physical medicine and rehab.

At all our offices, patients have access to a multidisciplinary care team, including their physician or nurse practitioner, a social worker, mental behavioral health specialist, chronic care coordinator, nutritionist and certified diabetic educator. We emphasize quality health outcomes and customer service, and we welcome new patients to join our growing practice. You can learn more about patient-centered care here.