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University of Louisville Physicians is the largest, multispecialty physician practice in the Louisville area. UofL Physicians’ nationally renowned physicians care for all ages and stages of life, from pediatrics to geriatrics. They all are professors and researchers at the UofL School of Medicine, teaching tomorrow’s physicians, leading research in medical advancements and bringing the most progressive, state-of-the-art health care to every patient. Our physicians are in every hospital system in the Greater Louisville area and have offices throughout the Kentucky and Indiana area.

UofL Physicians News

March 25, 2015

Most “risk calculators” used by clinicians to gauge a patient’s chances of suffering a heart attack and guide treatment decisions markedly overestimate the likelihood of an attack, according to...

March 24, 2015

A faculty physician and a staff member with the University of Louisville will join Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear as he signs Senate Bill 77, legislation giving new guarantees to patients making end-...

March 3, 2015

Dr. S. Asha Balakrishnan explains LASIK and PRK refractive eye surgery in this Lunch and Learn video. Dr. Balakrishnan specializes in cataract, cornea, anterior segment and refractive eye surgery...

Job Listing Status Practice Group/Departmentsort descending
Payroll Internship-AFINTERN031615 Part-time Accounting and Finance
Financial/Budget Analyst- FINANL01302015 Full-time Accounting and Finance Department
Certified Medical Assistant-CMAANEU031915 Full-time Adult Neurology
APRN, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/ Physician Assistant Full-time Cardiothoracic
A/R Follow-up Senior Manager CBOAR032415 Full-time CBO
Demographic Specialist Full-time Central Business Office
Billing Collection Specialist-CBOBCS022515 Full-time Central Business Office
Customer Service Specialist-CBOCSS022515 Full-time Central Business Office
CBOPPSPNENS11262014-Payment Processing Specialist Full-time Central Business Office
Certified Coder - CBOCODER121614 Full-time Central Business Office
Charge Entry Specialist Full-time Central Business Office
Certified Medical Assistant - CHNEUROCMA011615 Part-time Child Neurology
Senior Auditor/Educator Billing & Coding Full-time Compliance
Compliance Analyst - COMPANLY121714 Full-time Compliance
Senior Associate, Internal Audit-CASSAIA031815 Full-time Compliance and Audit Services
Compliance Audit Supervisor-CASCAS031815 Full-time Compliance and Audit Services
Administrative Assistant-ADMAA021215 Full-time Corporate Administration
Certified Medical Assistant/Limited Medical Radiographer Full-time Family & Geriatric Medicine – Cardinal Station
Clinical Nutritionist Full-time Family & Geriatric Medicine – Cardinal Station
Certified Medical Assistant Full-time Family and Geriatric Medicine-Cardinal Station
Nurse Practitioner-FGNP11315 Full-time Family and Geriatric Medicine-Geriatrics
Decision Support Analyst-FADSA032415 Full-time Finance
Payroll Specialist- FINPS021915 Full-time Finance
Medical Receptionist Full-time General OBGYN
LPN Full-time General Pediatrics – Stonestreet
Clinical Systems Analyst-ITCSA030415 Full-time Information Systems
Nurse Informaticist- CITNI02112015 Full-time Information Systems
Business System Analyst Intermediate-ITSBSAI021315 Full-time Information Systems
Certified Medical Assistant - MedCMA121514 Full-time Medicine – HCOC
APRN Full-time Medicine – Pulmonary
Certified Medical Assistant-MEDCMA021215 Full-time Medicine-AIM
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse-MEDAPRN021215 Full-time Medicine-BMT
Registered Nurse- MEDNEPHRN030915 Full-time Medicine-Nephrology
Nurse Practitioner Full-time Neurology
Certified Medical Assistant Full-time Neurology
Epilepsy Program Coordinator Full-time Neurosciences
Call Center Operator-NEUCCO031215 Full-time Neurosurgery
Expeditor/CMA - NEUROSURGEXPCMA121614 Full-time Neurosurgery
Front Desk/Pre-Certification Clerk Full-time Neurosurgery
Medical Assistant Full-time Neurosurgery
Certified Medical Assistant-OBGCMA030315 Full-time OBGYN
Certified Nurse Midwife Full-time OBGYN
Andrologist-OBGAND021215 Full-time OBGYN
Practice Manager- OBGPM021915 Full-time OBGYN
Medical Receptionist Full-time OBGYN - REI
Certified Medical Assistant Full-time OBGYN – Brown Cancer Center
Registered Nurse Full-time OBGYN – Oncology
Surgery Scheduler Full-time OBGYN – Oncology
Certified Medical Assistant Full-time OBGYN – Urogynecology
Pre-Certification Specialist-OPHPCS030915 Full-time Ophthalmology